The Secrets of a Straight a Student



Straight A students are not always born intelligent; however, most of them do work smarter and their secrets are revealed below:

  • They set priorities

It is revealed that most smart people who always get good grades are well organized with their priorities. They have a plan to almost everything. It may sound boring, but not everyone who makes plans and who knows what their priorities are considered conventional; this is one common stereotyping that should be stopped.

So, how to make your priorities straight? Below are the steps:

  • Make a plan

By the time the semester progresses, you must always keep track on the important dates, such as submission of projects, the tests, and exams. Students who love to cram a day prior to the deadline for submission and or a day before the test are likely unable to succeed. Remember, studying often involves long-term retention. Thus, if you cram during tests and exams, you are unlikely able to recall answers that could give you a passing grade.

  • Always be organized

Organized people are one characteristic of a smart individual. No matter how crucial time can be, paying some time to put all your things organized will keep you from wasting so much of your time.

  • Make sure you do your homework

Homework is not supposed to be taken as a burden. Although the thought of homework can be stressful for several students, homework keeps you updated and on the track with your subjects.

  • Have time to read your notes once in a while

For seniors, one great advice on getting good grades in college or be able to get into the college of your choice is reading your notes once in a while and prepare for the entrance test.

Senior years are the important years of high school; this is when you must prepare your grades to get a good recommendation to enter the University of your choice. So, prepare and read.

  • Always take care of your health

No matter how important your extra-curricular activities are, you should always take care of your health. A smart person never skips the important meal of the day before going to school; they make sure that they are well-energized to face several struggles at school.

Also, taking a good sleep boosts you up from a tiring day at school and enables you to have a good jump start the next day. So, after doing your homework and reading your notes early, take a good night sleep. If you need to visit a friend’s party, then make sure to make it at home early.

  • Lastly, never cram

Again, cramming is a bad idea, especially for seniors who needed to have good grades to be able to make it to a good school. To do so, you need to make sure that all your important projects are done prior to the deadline and or you need to have a good read on every subject before exams and tests. Set up a distraction-free study area. Clear your thoughts every time you study.

The bottom line, make a time to set everything organized.