Picking a Good Cologne


Personal care doesn’t always mean going all out trying to look great. It’s not always about the visual appeal that improves a man’s overall appeal. It’s not that hard to imagine a man who looks immaculate only to end up driving their prospective dates away because of their foul smell. And it’s not just applicable in the context of romantic pursuits. Other situations like being in a business meeting, for example, are just as crucial.


For men who have been using fragrances, it’s practically second nature to put on cologne. Those who are yet to pick up their preferred fragrance, on the other hand, should keep in mind that it’s not going to be an easy thing to finally decide on an ideal cologne fragrance. Sure, it can be easy if one didn’t bother putting in the effort of finding a cologne that matches them. Needless to say that doing it this way will provide sub-optimal results.


One fantastic advice for choosing a fragrance from the numerous options available is to try and assess the cologne’s different notes of smell. Giving it a small whiff while in the shop isn’t much help because the smell is the strongest scent, which is referred to as a head or top note. Colognes and perfumes smell strongest in this state and their sharpness might be misleading. Some cologne starts out strong while others stay consistent throughout the day. Either option has their own strengths and can be used depending on how one’s day would go. Colognes that start out strong and fade away fast can be worn when one only has to go out for half of their day. Men who have to be away from their homes for the entire day should definitely stick to colognes that can last them that long.


Testing colognes for this isn’t that difficult. There’s no need to spray one on either hand and test limited fragrances day after day. It takes only a little creativity and innovation like putting sprayed-on paper strips inside small, sealed plastic bags. Obviously, it won’t be exposed in the same way it would be when applied normally on the skin. But the strength of their scents can be compared at the end of the day to check which of them are able to retain close to their top note smell, or at least a heart or middle note.


Another common advice is to keep away from cheaper brands and varieties. Most of the time, this reasoning is sound because expensive perfumes and colognes are likely to have naturally-derived ingredients. Colognes on the cheapest end of the market are likely to contain more water than others. However, it’s not always a good idea to aim for the polar opposite and buy the most expensive brands around. Those that cost an arm and a leg have added valuation from the popularity of their labels. Check out helpful review sites to know which brands to avoid and get the best value for money.

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