How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work

electric coffee grinder

What is an Electric Coffee Grinder?

This is a domestic or commercial kitchen appliance used for crushing coffee into small pieces into powder for human consumption.

Types of Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinders come in different types. The type,brand and size of coffee grinder also determine the cost. Although electric coffee grinders are expensive, investing in one is worthwhile as they are the best for home and commercial use.

If you opt for cheap electric grinders you might see asignificant difference in the quality of your coffee. The issue with using inexpensive electric coffee grinders is the burrs used to grind the coffee beans. Most of the cheaper options use false burrs rather than metal or ceramic burrs. The false burrs grind the coffee beans into a very coarse grind similar to using a blade grinder.

How Much space will it take in my kitchen?

Most electric coffee grinders are similar in size to a standard blender and will take up about the same space on your kitchen counter.

How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work?

Some coffee grinders use rotating metal blades to grind the beans. Other electric coffee grinders use grinder wheels or burrs. Here is how to use a grinder. Using the burrs, choose whether you want a fine or coarse grind. Most people prefer the electric coffee grinder that uses burrs because it gives more control over the type of grounds you make.

The electric coffee grinder has two burrs. One bur is attached to a motor and the other is attached on a carrier which is screwed into the grinder body. When you turn the grinder on, the coffee beans are progressively ground into small
pieces as they pass through the grinder. The final result is a fine powder which is pushed into a doser.

Can I adjust an Electric coffee Grinder?

You can adjust the grinder by moving the burrs closer or further. With the burrs far apart the grind is coarser and with the burrs close together the grind is fine.

Rotate the collar at the peak of the grinder or use a knob at the grinder’s side. In most cases a
locking mechanism needs to be unlocked before you can adjust the grinder.

How fast is the grind extracted?

The grind size will determine the speed at which the extraction happens. For fine grind the
extraction is slow, whereas for coarse grind the extraction is fast.


There’s nothing like waking up to the best coffee and thus the reason why investing in an electric coffee grinder is a good idea. Electric coffee grinder also allows people to consume at coffee at their home comfort without spending extra
money on lavish expensive restaurants. It also allows coffee lovers to have coffee that suits their taste and not rely on
pre-packaged coffee grounds.

Some studies have also shown that regular coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death in comparison with people who did not drink coffee.


The disadvantages are few which include the cost to repair a broken down electric coffee grinder and the chance of becoming addicted to coffee.

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