Difference Between Climbing Tree Stands And Other Hunting Tree Stands

Climbing Tree Stands

What is a Climbing Stand?

Climbing stands are for hunting bear as well as other animals, just like any other hunting tree stand. Climbing tree stands are made up of two parts. The bottom part is the platform for standing and the top part is the seat of the stand. The stand is made in such a creative way that if its bottom accidentally falls, the seat does not fall and thus helps to position the hunter. Leading resource huntingquest.com recommends these for climbing trees without limbs all the way from bottom to the desired heights.

They employ use of varying styles to climb the tree. There is usually that part which wraps around the tree that has been fastened using a bolt or pin to the stand to allow easier adjustment depending on the varied sizes (thickness) of the tree. It is tactfully adjusted till the hunter is in the right position to climb the tree to the desired height. Some hunters use safety harness to avoid possible injuries if in any case the tree stand fails to work properly. While descending, the order of climbing operations are simply reversed.

Apart from climbing stands, there are other types of tree stands namely; ladder stand, hanging stands and the box stands. Though they are made with a primary aim of enabling the hunter reach the tree top, climbing stands possess some features that clearly delineate it from other tree stands. These features are discussed below;

Differences between a climbing Stand and other Tree Stands

Climbing stands work in an exact manner an inch worm would have done. They work by grasping at the top and pulling at the feet. Both the seat and the foot platforms are made to grasp the tree, the topper platform is set and the bottom is pulled using hooks or straps over his boots. The weight is at the bottom where grasping is done and this allows the seat to raise higher, set down on climber. This is repeated until the desired tree height is achieved.

Climbing stands have two pieces used to climb a tree. Others like ladder stands have a ladder used to climb.

In the case of a hang-on stand, ladder or pegs are required to climb up but a climbing stand is complete without any extra equipment.

The climber is climbed on by the hunter and everything is up a tree is done while on it. In the case of a ladder or a hang-on, you will be required to use your arms while at the top to achieve the mission of climbing, or use a climbing stick while using the hang-on style.

The climbing stand is more safe and secure as it is strongly attached to the tree being climbed and is also advantageous since it has a seat which adds up to its comfort, compared to other tree climbers.

Tree stands are only designed to climb trees that have no branches while other climbers can be used with any type of tree.

Tree stands need adjustments with an aid of a screw to loosen and lighten the nuts and bolts. In the case of other tree climbers, there are no such adjustments.


In a nut shell, tree stands are inherently flexible. This enables hunters to make use of them in different ways. They are efficient for hunting White-tailed deer as well as other animals. From the climbing stands reviews given by the users, these tree stands are seen to be popular for many hunters in terms of efficiency and safety. But most important of all, despite the type you choose or prefer, getting a safety harness should be the first priority of every hunter.


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