What Is A Gravity Deer Feeder And How Does It Work

Gravity Deer Feeder

It is well known among hunters that the antlers, and therefore the “score” of a buck heavily depend on three things: genetics, age, and nutrition. Age, of course, plays the biggest role, while genetics play the smallest role. Right in the middle is nutrition. A hunter can help supplement the nutrition of their local deer population through the use of gravity feeders (as long as they follow local, state, and federal regulation.)

Defining Gravity Feeders

There are a few different methods that hunters use to provide supplemental nutrition to their deer population. The simplest way, of course, is to hand toss nutritional pellets in areas near deer populations, particularly in areas where you would like them to venture (for example, near game cameras.) This can be inconvenient and time consuming. To solve this, gravity deer feeders were built. In their simplest iteration, gravity feeders use the natural, ever present force of gravity to automatically distribute additional food as wildlife consumes it.

Elements of a Good Deer Feeder

There are certain criteria that a gravity feeder should meet in order to be most effective. If you are considering purchasing, or making, a gravity feeder, keep all of these factors in mind.

Durability-Most deer feeding is conducted during the harsh winter months. For this reason, it is important that the feeder is made out of long-lasting, high-quality materials. The weather will not be the only thing trying to destroy your feeder: large racoons and other undesirable wildlife will also find the food in your feeder appealing.

Waterproof-The feed that you are providing for your deer population is susceptible to spoilage and molding, not to mention soggy feed is less attractive to deer than fresh, crunchy feed. For this reason, make sure you get a gravity feeder that is well waterproofed.

Lockable-A gravity feeder that has a lockable lid is an indication of both durability and waterproofing. Lockable lids seal better, and will keep the feed away from less desirable wildlife like raccoons and squirrels.

Dispensing mechanism-Gravity feeders typically use a port to distribute food. Other types of feeders may use a spinner or a combination of a port and agitator.

Storage Quantity-A large storage area on a feeder is much more convenient. Depending on the size of your deer population, you will probably want to get the feeder with the greatest available storage area. Less frequent refilling also means that the dispenser’s mechanical parts are used less, therefor increasing durability and reducing strain on the machine overall.


Some people think that they will be better off building their own gravity feeder, but this can be a bad idea. It is likely more cost effective to purchase a gravity feeder, as it will last much longer and work better in the long run.


In order for a gravity feeder to be truly effective, it is important to place it in the correct spot.

Make sure to place it in an area frequently traveled by your deer population.

You will probably also want to make sure it is in an area that you can access with a vehicle so that you can restock it conveniently. That said, seclusion from humans is also important; too much human activity can scare the deer off. Make sure to take your hunting strategy into consideration, and place the feeder close enough to water and bedding areas to make the most of it.

How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work

electric coffee grinder

What is an Electric Coffee Grinder?

This is a domestic or commercial kitchen appliance used for crushing coffee into small pieces into powder for human consumption.

Types of Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinders come in different types. The type,brand and size of coffee grinder also determine the cost. Although electric coffee grinders are expensive, investing in one is worthwhile as they are the best for home and commercial use.

If you opt for cheap electric grinders you might see asignificant difference in the quality of your coffee. The issue with using inexpensive electric coffee grinders is the burrs used to grind the coffee beans. Most of the cheaper options use false burrs rather than metal or ceramic burrs. The false burrs grind the coffee beans into a very coarse grind similar to using a blade grinder.

How Much space will it take in my kitchen?

Most electric coffee grinders are similar in size to a standard blender and will take up about the same space on your kitchen counter.

How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work?

Some coffee grinders use rotating metal blades to grind the beans. Other electric coffee grinders use grinder wheels or burrs. Here is how to use a grinder. Using the burrs, choose whether you want a fine or coarse grind. Most people prefer the electric coffee grinder that uses burrs because it gives more control over the type of grounds you make.

The electric coffee grinder has two burrs. One bur is attached to a motor and the other is attached on a carrier which is screwed into the grinder body. When you turn the grinder on, the coffee beans are progressively ground into small
pieces as they pass through the grinder. The final result is a fine powder which is pushed into a doser.

Can I adjust an Electric coffee Grinder?

You can adjust the grinder by moving the burrs closer or further. With the burrs far apart the grind is coarser and with the burrs close together the grind is fine.

Rotate the collar at the peak of the grinder or use a knob at the grinder’s side. In most cases a
locking mechanism needs to be unlocked before you can adjust the grinder.

How fast is the grind extracted?

The grind size will determine the speed at which the extraction happens. For fine grind the
extraction is slow, whereas for coarse grind the extraction is fast.


There’s nothing like waking up to the best coffee and thus the reason why investing in an electric coffee grinder is a good idea. Electric coffee grinder also allows people to consume at coffee at their home comfort without spending extra
money on lavish expensive restaurants. It also allows coffee lovers to have coffee that suits their taste and not rely on
pre-packaged coffee grounds.

Some studies have also shown that regular coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death in comparison with people who did not drink coffee.


The disadvantages are few which include the cost to repair a broken down electric coffee grinder and the chance of becoming addicted to coffee.

Benefits Of Playpens For Dogs Indoors And Outdoors


Dog Playpens offer an excellent solution for helping your pet get the exercise he needs. If you’re in a situation where daily walking is a challenge (i.e., your pooch does not obey you because he is not properly trained, your work schedule does not leave a lot of time, or your neighbourhood is high-risk for crime), a dog exercise pen might be just the thing you need.

Your pet will not need you to get exercise at his own pace in a secure area. The alternative would be allowing your dog to roam the neighbourhood with no supervision, which can become a danger to both your canine and your neighbours. It could also lead to a missing pet. If you allow your furry friend to wander freely, there may come a time when he becomes so distracted that he is unable to find his way back home. Therefore Playpens are the solutions. There are a few things to keep in mind before getting the best playpen for dogs & those are:

Easy to Install

Exercise playpens for dogs are usually quite easy to install, and many are portable, allowing you to easily move them from one location to another as your needs change. Even for canines that have been trained to stay within certain parameters and to adhere to specific boundaries, dog exercise pens also give a bit of mental peace of mind to their owners. Even a well-trained pet can become excited and act unpredictably at times. This applies in particular if your animal becomes frightened and confused when travelling and visiting new places.
Since the space in which you confine your pet will usually be smaller than an average room in your home or you’re fenced in backyard, your pooch may need some time to get used to being restricted to a smaller space. In time and with proper training he will grow accustomed to the boundaries set by the walls. Ultimately, this usually results in fewer behavioural problems or retaliation as a result of being restricted.

Easier to Clean

Exercise enclosures are ideal for house training because they confine your pup to a particular area and will make clean ups easier for you. Even if your veterinarian suggests “crate rest,” due to a recent surgery or illness, this might be the real containment option required to restrict your dog’s activity while he heals. In addition to all the advantages exercise playpens have for owners and pets, they can also bring sighs of relief to guests and relatives who are afraid of or allergic to animals.

Easier to Choose

There is a host of sizes and options to choose from for dog pens. The height of the panels and total containment size will be based on the size of your pet. You can also divide the containment area or add doors for easy access. You can even make your selection depending on whether it will be placed inside or outside. Many manufacturers offer weather resistant options. You may opt for an open top or add a roof. A top is an excellent idea if your pooch likes to jump and climb or you just need to provide shelter from the elements.

What Makes The Razor Electric Scooter So Much Fun

Razor Electric Scooter Fun

It is an incredible vehicle to journey over to your companion’s home, use as a substitute to travel to and from school or simply encounter around the recreation center. The Razor electric scooter have a couple of rechargeable batteries which can assist it to run for approximately ten miles every hour, which is a lot of for them to have a ton of fun without having getting risky. It is an excellent transport vehicle and made to cover short distances. It is a perfect vehicle for children and teens.

The young generation is looking for electric scooters to fulfill their needs of commuting from one place to another. These razor electric scooter review discusses how they are fashionable and becoming more and more popular among youth. Companies are using new technologies for making this vehicle to satisfy the different needs of the people. There are many popular brands of electric scooters. Razor electric scooters are popular all over the world. This company has achieved a lead in the market of electric scooters as they concentrate on quality and performance of their vehicle. Some of the major reasons for which Razor electric scooters have become so popular are given below.

Social prestige

Children who own this brand of scooter have a good reputation in their block and they are considered to be the coolest kids. These scooters can run up to a speed of 15mph and up to 40 minutes with continuous use. The scooter has an excellent and a good quality frame. This is the most famous brand among kids due to its unique features.


These scooters are available in various styles and colors. The cool designs and colors help children to choose a scooter of their choice. The kids love to choose a unique style and color of their choice that suits their personality and taste.


These are battery operated vehicles and are designed to meet the different needs of the customers. The build quality of these scooters is strong and there is a complaint of any wear and tear. It has a sturdy frame that enhances the life of the vehicle. You do not have to spend money on repair too frequently. The battery life is excellent. Correct usage of the scooter can further enhance the quality and performance of your vehicle. You will get a set of instructions along with to educate your child about their new vehicle. You can teach safety tips to your child before giving this vehicle in their hands.


You can read reviews on the internet to know about the authenticity and performance of this brand. This brand of scooter is mainly built to enhance the awareness about electric scooters among the public. The company put safety as the main concern while manufacturing these scooters. These are available in different sizes. You can choose a Razor electric scooter depending upon the height and weight of your child. It is simple and easy to use. Your child can ride this vehicle comfortably on the road or nearby places. These scooters come with a manual guide and proper instructions that help you to ensure to give proper safety to your child.

Difference Between Climbing Tree Stands And Other Hunting Tree Stands

Climbing Tree Stands

What is a Climbing Stand?

Climbing stands are for hunting bear as well as other animals, just like any other hunting tree stand. Climbing tree stands are made up of two parts. The bottom part is the platform for standing and the top part is the seat of the stand. The stand is made in such a creative way that if its bottom accidentally falls, the seat does not fall and thus helps to position the hunter. Leading resource huntingquest.com recommends these for climbing trees without limbs all the way from bottom to the desired heights.

They employ use of varying styles to climb the tree. There is usually that part which wraps around the tree that has been fastened using a bolt or pin to the stand to allow easier adjustment depending on the varied sizes (thickness) of the tree. It is tactfully adjusted till the hunter is in the right position to climb the tree to the desired height. Some hunters use safety harness to avoid possible injuries if in any case the tree stand fails to work properly. While descending, the order of climbing operations are simply reversed.

Apart from climbing stands, there are other types of tree stands namely; ladder stand, hanging stands and the box stands. Though they are made with a primary aim of enabling the hunter reach the tree top, climbing stands possess some features that clearly delineate it from other tree stands. These features are discussed below;

Differences between a climbing Stand and other Tree Stands

Climbing stands work in an exact manner an inch worm would have done. They work by grasping at the top and pulling at the feet. Both the seat and the foot platforms are made to grasp the tree, the topper platform is set and the bottom is pulled using hooks or straps over his boots. The weight is at the bottom where grasping is done and this allows the seat to raise higher, set down on climber. This is repeated until the desired tree height is achieved.

Climbing stands have two pieces used to climb a tree. Others like ladder stands have a ladder used to climb.

In the case of a hang-on stand, ladder or pegs are required to climb up but a climbing stand is complete without any extra equipment.

The climber is climbed on by the hunter and everything is up a tree is done while on it. In the case of a ladder or a hang-on, you will be required to use your arms while at the top to achieve the mission of climbing, or use a climbing stick while using the hang-on style.

The climbing stand is more safe and secure as it is strongly attached to the tree being climbed and is also advantageous since it has a seat which adds up to its comfort, compared to other tree climbers.

Tree stands are only designed to climb trees that have no branches while other climbers can be used with any type of tree.

Tree stands need adjustments with an aid of a screw to loosen and lighten the nuts and bolts. In the case of other tree climbers, there are no such adjustments.


In a nut shell, tree stands are inherently flexible. This enables hunters to make use of them in different ways. They are efficient for hunting White-tailed deer as well as other animals. From the climbing stands reviews given by the users, these tree stands are seen to be popular for many hunters in terms of efficiency and safety. But most important of all, despite the type you choose or prefer, getting a safety harness should be the first priority of every hunter.