A Wonderful Day At Guildford Castle Gardens

What are the Guildford Castle Gardens?



William the Conqueror had just finished his ruin of England, when in about 1068, part of the invading army, and possibly William himself, returned to Canterbury and Guildford, beginning the construction of Guildford Castle in about 1086.

Over the ensuing 900 plus years, the grounds were significantly expanded, and beginning in the early 17th Century the lands began to be farmed. They were gradually converted to gardens that today are spectacular examples of colour and arrangement.

The Guildford Castle Gardens were opened in 1888, to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee and have been open ever since.

Where are the Guildford Castle Gardens?

Guildford Castle Gardens are located in Guildford Surrey England, which formed part of the historic route of the Pilgrim’s Way, taken by pilgrims to travel to the shrine of Thomas Becket of Canterbury. This was also the approximate route of William the Conqueror in his quest to ruin England and where he and his army sacked many towns. One of these was Guildford, where they returned to build the Guildford Castle.

What You will Experience

The Guildford Castle Gardens are a historic example of resplendence and glamour. Opened in 1888, and have been upgraded and renovated at various times during the past 200 plus years. Today, the gardens remain as a popular display of beautiful bedding and flowers. The scene is exciting as it is tranquil. Exciting from the perspective of the history that can be seen on the grounds and in the museum, and tranquil in the calm and inviting surroundings of the sights, the sounds and the smells of the garden.

Many of the areas of the grounds have been restored, such as the 11th Century Castle Keep. There are also additions for reflection, such as a statute of Alice through the Looking Glass, built to commemorate Lewis Carrol, who lived in The Chestnuts, nearby until he passed away in 1898.

In 2003, a major renovation took place to add to the experience of a visit and to build more on the history of the Guildford Castle Garden. Parts of the castle were rebuilt and a museum and visitor’s centre was added.

Come and Visit Guildford Castle Gardens

Today, a visit to Gilford Castle Gardens can begin with a climb to the top of the Guildford Castle Tower, which has been reconstructed. Take the winding stairs to the top and take in the awe-inspiring vista of the town and surrounding countryside.

Look down on the Guildford Castle Gardens and take in the overview of colour and arrangement that has been in resplendent display since 1888.

Think of the history, the battles, and the way of life of those that have lived in the area for more than 900 years. Visit the museum to take in the exquisite detail of the artifacts of the wars, the life, and the history of the area around Guildford Castle.

Following, walk back to the gardens and take a strolling walk where people, since the first inhabitants of England have lived, worked and played. The Guildford Castle Gardens are a commoration to all of them. They commemorate those who suffered, and those who took the initiative to build the Castle beginning in about 1088 and the Gardens in 1888.

Come and visit the sights of the history and enjoy the sights, the sounds and the aroma that lasts today in the Guildford Castle Gardens.

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