What Is A Gravity Deer Feeder And How Does It Work

Gravity Deer Feeder

It is well known among hunters that the antlers, and therefore the “score” of a buck heavily depend on three things: genetics, age, and nutrition. Age, of course, plays the biggest role, while genetics play the smallest role. Right in the middle is nutrition. A hunter can help supplement the nutrition of their local deer population through the use of gravity feeders (as long as they follow local, state, and federal regulation.)

Defining Gravity Feeders

There are a few different methods that hunters use to provide supplemental nutrition to their deer population. The simplest way, of course, is to hand toss nutritional pellets in areas near deer populations, particularly in areas where you would like them to venture (for example, near game cameras.) This can be inconvenient and time consuming. To solve this, gravity deer feeders were built. In their simplest iteration, gravity feeders use the natural, ever present force of gravity to automatically distribute additional food as wildlife consumes it.

Elements of a Good Deer Feeder

There are certain criteria that a gravity feeder should meet in order to be most effective. If you are considering purchasing, or making, a gravity feeder, keep all of these factors in mind.

Durability-Most deer feeding is conducted during the harsh winter months. For this reason, it is important that the feeder is made out of long-lasting, high-quality materials. The weather will not be the only thing trying to destroy your feeder: large racoons and other undesirable wildlife will also find the food in your feeder appealing.

Waterproof-The feed that you are providing for your deer population is susceptible to spoilage and molding, not to mention soggy feed is less attractive to deer than fresh, crunchy feed. For this reason, make sure you get a gravity feeder that is well waterproofed.

Lockable-A gravity feeder that has a lockable lid is an indication of both durability and waterproofing. Lockable lids seal better, and will keep the feed away from less desirable wildlife like raccoons and squirrels.

Dispensing mechanism-Gravity feeders typically use a port to distribute food. Other types of feeders may use a spinner or a combination of a port and agitator.

Storage Quantity-A large storage area on a feeder is much more convenient. Depending on the size of your deer population, you will probably want to get the feeder with the greatest available storage area. Less frequent refilling also means that the dispenser’s mechanical parts are used less, therefor increasing durability and reducing strain on the machine overall.


Some people think that they will be better off building their own gravity feeder, but this can be a bad idea. It is likely more cost effective to purchase a gravity feeder, as it will last much longer and work better in the long run.


In order for a gravity feeder to be truly effective, it is important to place it in the correct spot.

Make sure to place it in an area frequently traveled by your deer population.

You will probably also want to make sure it is in an area that you can access with a vehicle so that you can restock it conveniently. That said, seclusion from humans is also important; too much human activity can scare the deer off. Make sure to take your hunting strategy into consideration, and place the feeder close enough to water and bedding areas to make the most of it.

Advantages Of Owning The Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale

eatsmart precision digital scale advantages

Are you looking for a scale that will accurately track your weight goals and store in its memory? Look no further! The Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale is one of the best-selling bathroom scales that is durable and serves multiple family members. The EatSmart scale offers long and short term weight loss and management.

The Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale Best Features

    • Weight limit

The Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale accommodates weight ranging from 0-180 grams. It has an accuracy of 100 grams which it makes it accurate compared to other smart scale devices.

    • Triple AAA batteries powered

The smart scale has four triple AAA powered batteries that help the machine function properly. Fortunately, you do not worry about buying the batteries since the batteries come with the machine.

    • The auto recognition technology

As most eatsmart precision digital scale review would share, the scale has“step-on” software that identifies an individual when they step barefoot on the scale.

    • Easy to use

It is easy to use and automatically stores all the information. Once you step onto the scale, it enters your gender, age, and height. The scale then measures your water weight, BMI, and body weight.

Other additional features include:

    • It has 3.5 inch LCD screen that makes viewing the readings in virtually any lighting conditions
    • It measures in kilograms and pounds
    • It has four four precisions sensors that verify the reliability of every weight recorded
    • Users can track how much weight they have lost or gained since their weight was first programmed

Advantages of Owning The EatSmart Precision Digital Scale

One of the advantages of the scale is that it is easy to use. For starters, you do not have to fiddle with strange connections or settings. Place the scale on the floor, step on it, and wait for the readings.

The Eatsmart Precision Digital scale has upgraded features that help address your weight loss and related issues. It has the auto recognition technology that enables it to work efficiently and give accurate results.

The scale has a conspicuous display that makes it easy to read. It has a blue glow that comes in handy in poor lighting

The scale can store information for as many as eight people. Also, you do not have to worry about others users looking into your data. Enter information such as activity, weight, gender, height, and age.

The digital smart scale measures body fat, muscle and bone mass, and the body fat percentage. It accommodates individuals measuring up to 400 lbs. The package has a tape measure that monitors the waist line too.

The Eatsmart Precision Digital Scale is a revolutionary scale that offers accurate readings for home use. Also, it is easy to use making it ideal for everyone to use. It has four precision sensors that are engineered to accurately measure the amount of pressure and weight applied to it. It is an affordable yet accurate bathroom scale worth buying.

The EatSmart scale has a non-slip surface makes the scale safe to use. You do not have to worry about falling off the sleep when you wake up feeling groggy or miss a step.

Read This Before Buying A Pair Of Rain Boots

stylish rain boots

Women need rain boots not only to protect their feet but also because they have become a fashion demand. When women wear boots that go well with their dress, they look smarter and prettier.

Before buying shoes, it is recommended to check several Internet sites such as http://www.shoecatalogues.com/. This will give you an idea of ​​the latest trends and the prices of boots. Most online sites have many colors and designs that you can choose from. Checking the price charged at the online store gives you the best place when you are negotiating with a local retailer. When selecting a pair of shoes, it is important to analyze your requirements. For example, if you live in an area where there is heavy rain, it is best to avoid buying low-cut boots, since they can contaminate your legs.

Buying shoes for the whole family will help you get good discounts. Another advantage of buying a family kit is that you can get appropriate shoes for parents and children. These boots look cute and fashionable and relatively inexpensive.

Why you need the right pair

In the rainy season, it is difficult for women to wear leather or high-heeled shoes. Most manufacturers and designers recognized this problem and developed models that meet the needs of modern women. They used advanced technology to make shoes stylish and protect women’s feet. In this article, I described in detail about some stylish boots for women.

Rain boots are an ideal choice for women who can not wear their expensive leather shoes during the rainy season. These shoes are made of fibers, synthetic or artificial leather, which is not damaged by rain.

Which rain boots to buy

Women who decide to get rain boots can buy ankle boots that look elegant and stylish. These shoes usually extend to the ankle and can be secured with a zipper or velcro. Most ankle boots are made with heels and have smooth edges that help provide the user with easy comfort. These shoes can be made of different materials, but most people prefer to buy shoes made from artificial leather because of their elegance.

Women who are not comfortable wearing heels can buy shoes that have minimal heels or not. Manufacturers and fashion designers have developed so many designs of flat boots that have found the right design that fits your favorite dress. With so many varieties of boots available on the market, it’s easy to find stores that give good discounts on these shoes. These shoes are the best option for women who are looking for everyday casual wear shoes that are durable.

Things to keep in mind

Women who want to buy fashionable rain boots can get handmade shoes. Most fashionable boots are high-heeled shoes, hips. Some boots have a natural fur lining, which makes it even more elegant. They are usually made of quality artificial leather, which is not damaged during the rainy season. However, make sure that you buy your shoes from a well-known store since many stores sell fakes that look like branded shoes.

Besides fashion, ankles with high and comfortable daily nasal boots, there are several other models of boots available on the market. The choice of shoes is not easy, as designers and manufacturers have come up with so many options that buy the right one, have become a complex and complex process.

How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work

electric coffee grinder

What is an Electric Coffee Grinder?

This is a domestic or commercial kitchen appliance used for crushing coffee into small pieces into powder for human consumption.

Types of Electric Coffee Grinder

Electric coffee grinders come in different types. The type,brand and size of coffee grinder also determine the cost. Although electric coffee grinders are expensive, investing in one is worthwhile as they are the best for home and commercial use.

If you opt for cheap electric grinders you might see asignificant difference in the quality of your coffee. The issue with using inexpensive electric coffee grinders is the burrs used to grind the coffee beans. Most of the cheaper options use false burrs rather than metal or ceramic burrs. The false burrs grind the coffee beans into a very coarse grind similar to using a blade grinder.

How Much space will it take in my kitchen?

Most electric coffee grinders are similar in size to a standard blender and will take up about the same space on your kitchen counter.

How Does An Electric Coffee Grinder Work?

Some coffee grinders use rotating metal blades to grind the beans. Other electric coffee grinders use grinder wheels or burrs. Here is how to use a grinder. Using the burrs, choose whether you want a fine or coarse grind. Most people prefer the electric coffee grinder that uses burrs because it gives more control over the type of grounds you make.

The electric coffee grinder has two burrs. One bur is attached to a motor and the other is attached on a carrier which is screwed into the grinder body. When you turn the grinder on, the coffee beans are progressively ground into small
pieces as they pass through the grinder. The final result is a fine powder which is pushed into a doser.

Can I adjust an Electric coffee Grinder?

You can adjust the grinder by moving the burrs closer or further. With the burrs far apart the grind is coarser and with the burrs close together the grind is fine.

Rotate the collar at the peak of the grinder or use a knob at the grinder’s side. In most cases a
locking mechanism needs to be unlocked before you can adjust the grinder.

How fast is the grind extracted?

The grind size will determine the speed at which the extraction happens. For fine grind the
extraction is slow, whereas for coarse grind the extraction is fast.


There’s nothing like waking up to the best coffee and thus the reason why investing in an electric coffee grinder is a good idea. Electric coffee grinder also allows people to consume at coffee at their home comfort without spending extra
money on lavish expensive restaurants. It also allows coffee lovers to have coffee that suits their taste and not rely on
pre-packaged coffee grounds.

Some studies have also shown that regular coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death in comparison with people who did not drink coffee.


The disadvantages are few which include the cost to repair a broken down electric coffee grinder and the chance of becoming addicted to coffee.